Company information

Lutch , JSC – Smart Technologies!

Lutch, JSC is a Russian research and development company founded in 1955. During the early days the main company’s focus was on the development of airborne and ground  telemetry systems. The first Lutch’s design, a set of servo and operational amplifiers, was used extensively in aircraft engineering. Since early 60’s the company has been specializing in the development of  Doppler radars and fighter aircraft command and control radio links.

Lutch today is the leader in research and design of  the reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and radio data link systems. Modern facilities and extensive expertise allow us to support the complete product life cycle from analysis and design to manufacturing and testing to service and support. Our staff assure high performance at all stages of the process.

Our most famous system is the TIPCHAK mobile air reconnaissance system. It can be used at any time for many missions including monitoring of city infrastructures, oil and gas pipelines, and forests.

Lutch pays great attention to international cooperation both in military and commercial areas. The company actively participated both in the MAKS Air Show and in the UVS-TECH exhibition where many visitors showed deep interest in our solutions. The  company has won several awards for high level of scientific and commercial solutions.

Lutch’s continuous technology advancements, wide choice of investment and partnership options, and smart business strategy not only allow us to be in the forefront of the industry but also to be confident in our future.